Organizing my Kit

Holy crow! Spend the entire day on organizing and cleaning my kit out. It’s much smaller than it was, but more efficient, I’m such a pack rat, I hope I didn’t throw out anything I need, yikes!? I hauled majorly on Revlon Super Lusterous lippies today. They’re on Sale a Wallmart this weekend only. Oh yeah, and rimmel is on sale sunday and monday at Shoppers for 40% off, have to stock up on mascara.

Went to IMATS Toronto last weekend. I’m not sure it was all it was cracked up to be, loved the speakers. I saw Koren Zander and Pursebuzz, they were so nice to everyone. But there weren’t too many good deals, The Alcone booth had some good deals, but I got charged in American funds when I paid by credit (not sure I like that), Yaby had some show speacials and Temptu as well. The line up for the MUFE booth was rediculous so I skipped that one. Really any savings I might have had were eaten up by the ticket fee. I’m not sure that I’ll go back next year. 🙁

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