I’m cheating…

Ok, I know that I haven’t posted in a while. But for good reason……I’m so embarrassed….but, I’ve been cheating.

Unfortunately work has been slow for the last few months, and as everybody knows, when you have a lot of time on your hands and very little money the urge to shop becomes overwhelming.  I’ve been needing “quick fixes” and lately waiting for shipping from online mineral makeup companies just isn’t giving me the “fix” I need. I need my makeup, and I need it NOW! 😛

So I’ve been dabbling in traditional makeup (Oh the shame!). A few really good finds have urged me to re-explore  this area of cosmetics, and I have emerged from my Mineral Makeup sabbatical with a list of favourite finds:

MAC lipsticks, ok so this isn’t really new to a lot of you, but to me it’s a revelation. I’ve had nothing but bad luck with lipsticks. I’m super sensitive to smells and flavours, a lot of regular lipsticks tickle my throat, and bother my nose. I’ve tried mineral lipsticks but find the pigmentation to be a but iridescent and not terribly smooth. MAC lipsticks are smooth with great pigmentation, and a pleasant, not fake vanilla smell.

Wet ‘n’ Wild blushers, great pigmentation, cheap cheap cheap. Try the All over shimmer, great highlighter.

Wet ‘n’ Wild bronzzers,  Wow my HG bronzer is light/med.

Wet ‘n’ Wild 666 lip-liner, perfect colour.

NYX eyeshadows, Great pigmentation.

Annabelle eyeshadows, Great pigmentation, smooth.

Rest assured I  haven’t abandoned Mineral Makeup. I’m just taking a “break”. 🙂

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