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I was lucky to be chosen by Coastal Scents to receive some samples 🙂 I received a sample of Paradise Sand Mica, Coconut fragrance oil, Hi light Violet shadow, Rose Sparks shadow, Pencil Me In eyeliner in Jet Sparks and The Crescent Fluff Shadow Brush.

Here are my reviews:

Paradise Sand mica: I really like this mica, the consistency is fine, and the colour would make a great base for an eyeshadow, or even a bronzer, Although this is meant to use for making mineral makeup, it seems to work just fine alone as an eyeshadow (see photo above).

Coconut fragrance oil: I don’t make my own bath products, so I didn’t get to use it for it’s intended purpose. I found the scent not to be sweet at all.p1300677.jpg

Hi light Violet shadow, Rose Sparks shadow: I really like the consistency of Coastal Scent’s eye-shadows, I find that they are very similar to MAD minerals’ eyeshadows. They have nice colour pay-off and very nice adhesion. I really liked the two colors that were sent to me. The Hi light violet is a very light shimmery shadow, a very pale pinky-violet color. The Rose Sparks is a more neutral pink color with some “sparks” of sparkle (not big chunks of sparkle more like a shimmer). I am pretty impressed with the formulation of the eye-shadows and will probably buy some other colors to try (I’m loving the look of Karma and Andrea).

Pencil Me In eyeliner in Jet Sparks: I really liked the festive look of this eyeliner, it goes on smooth with minimal tugging. The sparkles are small, but visible. The pencil comes with a little pencil sharpener in the lid that actually works better than many inexpensive sharpeners that I’ve bought, but not as well as my favourite Covergirl sharpener (I got it years ago, i’m not sure id they even make it anymore).

The Crescent Fluff Shadow Brush: This brush is of the quality that I’ve come to expect from Coastal Scents. The bristles are soft, but firm, It applies the shadow well, and looks well-made. It does take a bit to get used to the unique shape of the brush, but once you do you really appreciate it’s versatility.

Try this tip from the Coastal Scents website for an easy way to use 2 colours “…Dip & swirl each corner into a separate shade of mineral powder, sweep across lid for a flawless dual application, makeup artists love what this technique offers for their clients.”
I really like Coastal Scents’ brushes, I haven’t had a bad brush yet.

All in all I’ve had good luck with ordering from this website, the products have met my expectations, and have always arrived well-packed and in good shape. I am definitely ordering from them again.


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  1. great article altho i tried mica along with eyeshadow but i didnt like it to much, but heh we all got a different kind of taste dont we 😉

  2. Hello, I found your blog in a new blogs directory. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, Your blog looks good. Have a nice day.

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