What to do with all of those Samples?

So, you’ve been sampling like crazy to find some HG products and you have a bunch of little baggies languishing in the bottom of your traincase, never to see the light of day. What to do? Well, here are some tips to get the most out of those little samples:

  • Put eyeshadow, blush and glow samples in little 5 gram sample jars (you can get them from almost any mineral makeup company, on ebay, or on TKB Trading, pls clean them before use) it makes it much easier to use.
  • Mix ’em up! Find a few eyeshadow colors that weren’t quite right and mix in a little baggie. Just keep in mind basic color theory (yellow & blue make green, yellow and red amke orange etc…) and have fun.
  • Use samples to “tweak” your foundation, do you have a foundation that’s too light and a bunch of samples that are too dark? You get the idea. Just start with a little from the too light foundation (so that you don’t you the whole jar) and add a little bit of too dark foundation until you reach the right shade. Mix in a baggie (no need to grind)
  • Try mixing up different categories. How about some too dark foundation with a bit of gold eyeshadow for a bronzer, or some unused foundation with a bit of pink eyeshadow for blush, be creative!

The biggest tip is to not be afraid to go crazy! Try anything, you can mix just about any powder mineral cosmetics you like, you might be suprised (I mean you weren’t using it anyways) 🙂

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