My little Hauls, My traincase, Makeup storage

Hi everyone, I just wanted to so a quick post about a couple of little hauls I recently received (yay!).

I ordered some foundation samples, eyeshadow samples and a glow sample from Dreamworld Minerals. I’ve already potted the samples (I forgot to take swatches) So, I’ll have to dig them up and do a little review later (I will say this though, I really like thier luna foundation)

I also ordered a bunch of brushes from Coastal Scents:

  • Deluxe Buffer Brush- Very soft, but the hairs are kinda “floppy”, would be good for bronzers.
  • Italian Badger Round Crease Brush- I like this little brush, soft, very similar to thier old Picture Perfect Shadow Blending Brush,
  • Pink Blending Fluff Brush- Very smelly, soft, a lot larger than I thought it would be.
  • Flawless Face Chisel Blush Brush, soft, hairs look like they will “fray out” easier, smaller than I thought it would be
  • Pink Oval Fluff Shadow Brush- Very soft, Haven’t tried yet.
  • Pink Oval Synthetic Concealer Brush- Very soft, Haven’t tried yet.
  • Italian Badger Chisel Powder Brush- Soft, I really like this one.

I’ll have to review them better after I’ve tried them. I also received a few samples of thier Paradise micas, I have to say they are some gorgeous colors, and can be used straight as a multi-use pigment. Here is a photo of the three I’ve tried.


From left to right Paradise Tropic Bronze, Paradise Blush Rose, and Paradise Sand.

At Shoppers Drugmart they have a few new products from Quo for the summer, they have a few “baked” Bronzers that resemble the MAC MSFs, but after swatching aren’t pigmented at all, and the sparkles were too chunky. I did fall in love with their True Skin Foundation, although it’s not very good as a foundation it is excellent as a primer.


Last but not least, is my favourite haul item, my new traincase. OK I know it’s not a professional traincase, but it works great, was under $20 and is washable. It is a fishing tackle box. Here are some photos of it in action:

My Traincase

Traincase Open

This model is the Plano Guide Series 3-Tray. If you are looking for something a little more colorful, you can try your local craft store. Plano has come outwith a new line of craft storage solutions that look perfect for Makeup storage (unfortunately I can’t seem to find them in my area, but others ate having luck at Joanne’s) . Check out the “Grab and Go systems” for a more portable storage solution, or if you have a vanity I LOVE the “Desktop stacker” and the “Swivel Stacker”(under the heading “products”> then “workstation organization.” If you are creative, you can try using spray paint made for plastics to change the color, you can also use stencils to further decorate it (think pink leopard print <—I might just do that one <rarrr!>)

3 thoughts on “My little Hauls, My traincase, Makeup storage”

  1. I really liked it, although the rounds of eyeshadow look smaller in real life than the photos that I’ve seen. There are a lot of colours and the payoff is quite good.

  2. Hehe- I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person who uses a tackle box as a “train case.” (I got some flower stickers to decorate mine). Yours has better features than mine!

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