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Some of you might not know that I Make my own mineral cosmetics, I’ve been on a bit of a buying spree and have been neglecting my creative mixing.

I recently stumbled on a store in my area that sold tobacco grinders (like this one) for in “herbal” smoking, if only they knew what I was going to use it for <LOL>. I immediately started to tweak a few foundations that were too light and add a few ingredients to salvage a few finishing powders that just weren’t doing it for me. A few “tweaks” included, darkening my little jar of Lumiere’s Flawless face foundation with a few samples of too dark samples to better suit my skin tone. I “fixed” my EDM silk powder by tinting it with a few unused samples, adding some silica and bit of mica for some glow and I randomly threw a bunch of samples together and added some red oxides to make a pretty blush.

Here is a quick little review of my experiences with the tobacco grinder:

Tobacco Grinder

First Impressions: The packaging looked kinda cheap, but on opening the box the grinder itself was solid-feeling. The little “jar” at the top didn’t really look like the pictures, it was 2 pieces that fit together with a screen in between, once they fit together you screwed it onto the base. The top pieces did not feel as if they fit together very snug, so I held them together while using. I wasn’t sure what the screen was for so I just popped it out.

Using it: It worked OK, I wasn’t too impressed, when you held the grinder upright with the minerals inside the blades would slow down considerably, it seemed to work ok when you held it on an angle.

Clean up: This is where the little mixer failed, it was terrible to clean, you could remove the little cup and wash it, but the blade and the plastic area that holds the blade is permanently attached to the base so you could not submerge it in water. I tried to brush the minerals off with a brush, but it was pretty much a useless task I used a damp cloth, but it just moved the powder around, the little blades are sharp and it was difficult to get underneath them. While cleaning I noticed that where the blades entered the base it was not sealed so the minerals could get into the base where the motor is. I actually took the grinder apart to see it any minerals got into the motor area and there was a bunch around the little opening. I could see no way of fixing this without impeding the turning of the blade. I found this to be a bad design.

I really like the idea of having a little grinder, it seemed ideal for making small batches of MMU. But I’m super disappointed that the design just isn’t practical for cleaning.

Magic Bullet

Undeterred from my Matte Eyeshadow endeavor I tried out my Magic Bullet using the flat blade and the a “party mug”. I decided on the flat blade because the instruction stated that it was for grinding coffee beans and herbs, so I figured that was closer to my intentions.

First Impressions: I already owned it and like it for making smoothies. I thought that the mug was too big for small batches.

Using it: It worked well, I didn’t have any iron oxides, just Soft colours from TKB so I can’t really comment on it grinding ability. It seems to “fling” the minerals around a lot but whether it was truly grinding it was hard to tell. It was pretty comparable to the mini grinder. One thing I found was that since the cup was larger, a lot of the minerals would stick to the sides and it was a bit of a pain to brush them out, and there was some wasted minerals. With the smaller grinder it wasn’t a problem at all since the cup was so little.

Cleaning: This was a dream, all of the parts that came in contact with the minerals were fully submersible and easily cleaned. The base could’t get wet, but it never came into contact with the minerals (except for maybe some dust) and it was easily wiped down.

I really liked the Magic Bullet for it’s ease in cleaning, but found it a bit big for my small batches (although it seemed to work well enough) I like that I already owned it and was a bit disappointed that I didn’t think to try it until I wasted my money on the mini tobacco grinder 🙁 I will definitely continue to use my Magic bullet in the future for my matte products, and only pull out the mini-grinder in a MMU emergency <LOL>

Just a little note: I’m not sure that eating minerals, and putting bacteria infested food particles on your face is a good thing, so if your going to experiment with using a blender, or Magic Bullet please make sure you use a blade and a container that you have no intention of using for food. I don’t grind my own beans so i had no use for the flat blade, and the cup was damaged, so they have been relegated to MMU duty, if you use your blender, get a different blade for your MMU, and you can use a wide mouth mason jar for small batches.

So all in all my ideal mixer would be like the mini tobacco grinder but have a submersible blade attachment, like the magic bullet instead of the blade being attached directly to the base.

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