How to match your foundation

So winter is really here… aside from the Holiday recovery we have to start thinking about matching our foundation for out winter skin tone. I’ve been having a real struggle this winter over finding my HG colour match. One trick I’ve (finally) learned is to match your foundation to your neck and decolletage. Start my swatching on your neck and decolletage, when you find a match swatch along your jawbone, you will know it matches when there is no line where your jaw meets your neck, and everything looks about the same colour.

Don’t try and fix your colouring with foundation, always try to match your skin colour as perfect as possible. If you think that your are too pale use a bronzer, etc..

Also it is important to try before you commit, it’s best to try the foundation all over your face for at least a few hours. Everybody’s skin causes foundation to react differently. Does it highlight dryness and show your flakies? Is the coverage even? Do you have enough coverage, too little? Does it feel good? Did the colour change throughout the day? Check with your drugstore, or counter about their return policy, if you are shopping at a high-end counter or sephora you can try and ask for a sample.

Don’t forget to check in different lighting, there’s nothing worse than having a perfectly applied face at your vanity, only to check in your car’s mirror in natural light and find that you look like the offspring of an oompa-loompa (been there!)

I’ve been on the endless hunt for the perfect foundation. I love my EDM mineral foundation and my Meow minerals foundation. But, this winter my skin has been really dry, and my winter colour has started to show, so my summer colours aren’t matching at all 🙁 I’ve been trying to find a “dewy” moisturizing foundation with good coverage, isn’t mask-like and doesn’t turn me into a pumpkin. So far I’ve tried:

Clinique Soft finish: I can’t find a colour match, and it seems to turn me a bit orange. I do looove the formulation so maybe I’ll try another colour (crosses fingers).

MAC mineralize liquid: the lightest colour is too dark (it starts at NW20, why?) it’s also a tad orange.

Maybelline dream liquid mousse: so far, so good. I have a decent colour match with the lightest shade, and the coverage looks good, does’t turn me orange (yet)…only time will tell if I break out. I also got this on sale a Pharmaplus for $6.99 so it’s by far the least expensive I’ve tried. Here’s hoping.

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  1. I would recommend trying Illuminare Cosmetics Fantastic Finish dewey finish. It has high contets of glycerin so its very moisturizing and it has full UVA/UVB SPF 21 protection from the Zinc and Titanium Dioxides. Good luck!

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