Blush and Contouring, a how-to

Blush and contouring face charts

Top left – Round face
Apply blush under cheekbones.
Contour along jaw, temples, and under chin and jawline (along neck).
Highlight bridge of nose, apples of cheeks and top of forehead, at hairline.

Top right – Long face
Apply blush right on cheekbones.
Contour along your entire hairline at top of forehead, hallows of you cheeks (make a “fish face” to find), and bottom of chin.
Highlight above cheekbones (a little higher than where you put blush).

Bottom left – Heart face
Apply blush on cheekbones.
Contour temples along hairline, and bottom of chin.
Highlight just below hollows of cheeks down to jawline.

Bottom right – Square face
Apply blush on cheekbones from hairline blended to just before apples of cheeks.
Contour jaw and and temples along hairline.
Highlight bridge of nose, apples of cheeks and centre of chin.


2 thoughts on “Blush and Contouring, a how-to”

  1. oh em geee I’ve been looking for something like this for the longest time, I just got into makeup and this is excellent, you can’t find a great tutorial for different face types on youtube

  2. This is great!! I have a heart-shape face. I’m curious, what product do we use on the hollows of our cheeks? And do I use a bronzer on my hairline and under my chin? Thank you for your helpful tips!

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