Storage and Brushes

mystash.jpg I always like seeing other peoples storage and tools. I’m always on the look out for more things to spend my hard-earned money on (aren’t we all ). I decided to post up my storage and brushed in the hopes that others will join in with their pics. Here is my storage case, right now I am using a Caboodle that I’ve had since I was 13 making it about…well let’s just say a few years old. The other case you see is a little tackel/craft box I bout at the dollar store, I use it to store my own creations.

Here are my brushes:

mystash3.jpgOn the top row is my Rimmel Kabuki & Lumiere Kabuki, from left to right on the bottom row is my Put Minerals Chisel brush, Clinique smudger, Pur Minerals Powder brush, some random eyeshadow brush, Clinique Blush brush, Everyday Minerals Flat Top, generic eyeshadow, American Painter #6 brush (which doesn’t work well for wet application which is what I bought it for), 2 more generic brushes, & an American Painter 4300 Shader (which is awsome for wetlining).Well, there is my storage and tool stash, It’s not too big yet but it’s growing pretty darn fast!On a different note;
I can’t believe that I missed Meow’s Fathers Day sale! I’ve been lusting after a Flawless Munchkin (what non-MMU people must be thinking I’m talking about )

Here is my current (ever expanding) list on what I’d like to buy:


  • emu oil
  • squalene
  • Lemon grass cleaser


  • Frisky Sphynx in Flawless (Can’t believe that I’ve missed the sale!)

Taylor Made:

  • Cheval eyeshadow

Everyday Minerals

  • I’d like to sample some cool colours: Fair Med, Light Med, Sunkissed Fair.


  • Extra Bright White mica
  • Radiant Gold mica
  • Oriental beige
  • Sparkle turquiose
  • More Soft colours
  • Maybe some reflect colours
  • And maybe another Sampler kit

Wow I’ve got to start saving some greenies!

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