Cleansers, Moisturizers, and Masks, Oh my!

I was at my little sister’s place last week, and she forced me to try a a new clay mask that she had just bought, and it works incredibly well.

She had recently had a Glycolic acid facial peel at her spa and had been raving about how nice her skin has been looking (I have to admit she does look glowing, and her usual redness and little cystic bumps were all but gone). But unfortunately the treatment was a bit pricey, so she had been scouring the drugstores for a product to prolong her good skin, and hopefully lengthen the time between her facials.

I think that she found a winner, the clay mask we used on the weekend has made a big difference to the quality of my skin. It started to clear up my little cystic bumps (nothing had been able to do that), and reduced my pores almost immediately. The mask is called”Deep Cleansing Mask” by Neostrata. It contains 10% glycolic acid and white clay. I was so impressed with this product that I went straight out and bought their “Daytime Smoothing Cream” with 8% glycolic acid, which came with a free full sized jar of their regular “Smoothing cream”, and a Tube of the Clay mask for myself. I also plan on purchasing one thier cleansers. Now, as far as I can tell this product is only available in the US through a dermatologist, in Canada it is available at the drugstore (I bought mine at Pharmaplus, they were having a 25% of sale on Neostrata products). Also, you may try asking if they are offering any gifts with purchase, after talking with the cosmetologist at my local pharmacy, she checked behind her counter and found that she was able to offer a full sized cleanser, as a gift with a purchase (it was unadvertised and not on the store shelves,).

I am pretty excited that I finally found my HG skin-care regimen .

Please remember that “your mileage may vary” so, you may want to speak with your dermatologist or cosmetologist about using glycolic acid, especially if you have sensitive skin.

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