Last week I recieved my newest sample kit from EDM and finally narrowed down my HG mineral foundation colour for summer YAY!! And just in time to use the Yahoo group coupon code (I’m not sure if we can give it out, I think you have to be a Yahoo Group member.) You can alway sign up at the Yahoo group to search for the code at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/emusergroup/ it ends tommorrow and is for 10%, My summer colour is cool medium, I really find thier colour names and swatches to be innacurate as I’m usually a med/light, so I find that with EDM I really have to take advantage of thier free sample kit.

For the last little while I have been trying out a few different things. I have recently started the OCM and after an initial “purging” my skin is starting to look more “glowy” and is settling down nicely. After trying a mix of 50% mix castor oil and olive oil, I’ve settled on using closer to 10% castor oil to 90% olive. I was getting dry skin form the first mix. I think that I might try adding some almond oil to the mix after I find some at the grocery store.

I’ve also started using Monistat Anti-Chaffing gel (Soothing Care, unscented) as a primer and so far I like it. I’ve only worn it a few times so I can’t coment on whether it has broken me out (Lumiere’s did, do I’m really crossing my fingers), but I have found that it allows for smoother coverage and keeps the colour of the foundation truer (I find that sometimes when mineral foundation melds with my skin it can turn a bit darker/orangy).

What I’m waiting for in the mail:

EDM starter kit, with siesta blush, cool med foundation, medium concealer (I hope it’s lighter than it looks in the swatches), tinted balancing powder & foundation brush.

Lure beauty:
Sample sized Mango face and body cream, Body butter in coconut, Eyebrow Fillers in Espresso and Hazelnut, Mineral veil.

Frisky Sphynx FF in a munchkin jar.

What I want after my “no buy”:

GOW (in the far future):
Lemongrass cleaner, Veggie base cream, Camellia oil.

TKB (in addition to supplies, when I need them)
Pearl powder sample, lip balm base sample, lipgloss tube x 1, apricot kernel oil sample.

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