Giant Eyeshadow pallet

I’m not sure if you’ve all heard, but I must be living under a rock because homehow I’ve managed to miss all of the hype over the Coastal Scents eyeshadow pallets. According to the reviews, they seem to have good color payoff, and decent staying power. See some of the video reviews on the Coastal Scents website to get get a better idea of the product. Now, it doesn’t look as if they are pure mineral makeup, they do contain talc and parabens, so they are probably closer to traditional makeup than mineral, but for the price of $19.95 they seem like a great deal, especially if you are looking to try out different looks.

Right now they are out of stock, but will be getting more on Thurs May 22, order early, because it sounds like they had quite a rushon them when they first released them fro purchase. While your browsing don’t forget to check out the brushes, they have some extraordinary deals on the cosmetic brushed at Coastal Scents.

On another note, I finally broke me “no-buy” fast last week and ordered a couple of new things. I ordered some foundation samples from Dreamworld Cosmetics and 2 new brushes from Coastal Scent, the deluxe buffer brush (sable belnd) and the italian badger round crease brush (I loved my badger buffer brush so much that I had to try another badger brush). I’ll post reviews as soon as I recieve them.  Yay for breaking my fast!

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