Yay! I didn’t miss the Meow sale!!! I ended up purchasing a Flawless Feline munchkin in Frisky Sphynx and a few samples. I really can’t wait to get it!

I was visiting my baby sis in the big city this weekend, and we had a lot of fun. We ended up catching the movie Ratatouille (super cute movie, the audience was even clapping and cheering in different parts, including me) and doing some shopping. My sis is just as addicted to hair products as I am to MMU, so I brought her a bunch of baggies of my creations and she sent me home with a few unused bottled of some hair concoctions (thanks sis). Well when her and I were applying our MU she looked at me and said “That foundation makes you look pale”, she made this comment as one might say “oh, look it’s sunny out” or “you have a fluff on your shirt” and of course I hear “You now have to start sampling all over again, and have been looking completely foolish all of this time, why didn’t someone tell you that you’ve been looking like a mime, what will you do with all of the complely unusable foundations that you have amassed?”. Now that I’ve come to my senses a bit I have realized that she may not have been completely accurate in her assessment, and since I did most of my sampling during the winter a lot of the colours can be used as winter colours (thank goodness for their long shelf lives). I have been suspecting that my winter colours have been making me look a little pale, so I had already started sampling a few darker colours from EDM.

I have been lusting after everyone’s brush sets, I came —-><----- this close to ordering the Lumiere 9pc brush set but I really have to wait until next pay, I already spent way too much on my weekend away. Oh well. 🙁 But now I don’t have to worry that I’ll run out of things to buy 😉

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