New Colours

newcolours.jpgI’ve been on holidays the last couple of days, Yay! That’s why I haven’t posted a new entry in a little while. But I have been reading and catching up on the message boards, getting new ideas on how to spend my money. Today we took a trip to the city and ended up buying the much touted Urban Decay Primer Potion, (I must say that this stuff had better be good because it sure isn’t cheap!) and some cute shoes for $20 (I love a bargain!).I had some really good intentions to get get a lot done this weekend, although I procrastinated on a lot of chores I did end up formulating a new eyeshadow/liner colour in a dark blue-brown-purple colour and a pretty pinky mauvy blush that goes on pinkish-red.I still can’t get over how much different product you can get from just a few colours. I think that formulating my own colours have slowed down my spending on MMU a (teeny-tiny) little bit. Now when I see a great colour I try to dupe it before I buy, some times I don’t quite get it and some times I get pretty close, but even if I get it wrong I still come out with a wearble colour. Now most of my spending is on lipgloss, and trying to find my HG foundation.

On another note, I am really liking wet n’ wild lipglosses, I find that they have pretty good colour payoff for the price and they smell pleasant (vanilla maybe? it’s definately a sweet smell). Some people might find the gloss a bit sparkly but I like a bit of sparkle for the summer, my fav colour so far is Mega slicks in Rose Gold. I also tried N.Y.C. lipglosses they also have nice colour, and are shimmery but don’t smell as nice. You definately can’t beat the price!

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