Makeup Making Mania mmmmm…

Last week I went a bit loco. I was surfing TKB trading, drooling over their selection of micas,and thought to myself

makeupcolours-labelled1.jpg “Surely I could make my own mineral makeup, It can’t be too hard.” Fast forward to last Friday, and what did arrive in my little back mailbox, but a huge envelope stuffed with makeup making ingredients. I’ve spent this weekend mixing up batches of eyeshadows and blushes.To make my colours I used TKB’s Matte Eyeshadow Base , TKB’s Softcolours (pre-mixed iron oxides, so that you don;t have to use a shearer) and various micas.


Making the eyeshadows and blushes are pretty easy (simply mix up various micas and iron oxides to create your colour and add some eyeshadow base, see this link for info on using the base: link ). The problem was with mixing the colours. It’s way too easy to just keep adding colours, and end up with a muddy mess (I like to call them neutrals). I had to keep reminding myself to stick to mostly two primary colours to get the truest colours.

I really had a lot of fun making makeup, and if you’ve been thinking about trying it I’d really urge you to take the plunge. Now I’ve just got to find a cheap jar supplier (I’m almost out already).

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