Make your own Mineral Makeup

I love concocting my own Mineral Makeup, especially eyeshadow (see previous posts under the category of Make Your Own Mineral Makeup). And with hearing so much lately on the do-it-yourself craze, I thought that I might share a few of my favourite craft sites and articles:

  • What’s New In the Industry, the TKB trading blog. They occasionally have article on how the create your own mineral makeup.
  • Solarcat’s Eco Blog, she has some recipes on how to make lotions that I’ve always wanted to try.
  • Not Martha, I great website with some fun, cute crafts. I’d love to try making her recipe for lip balm.
  • Craftster, OK so this one isn’t totally makeup related, but they have some incredibly talented people posting on their forums, so if your ever want to find out how to make, well anything, this is the first place that I’d look.
  • The Conservatorie, This site has some great starter recipes, they are a great base for building your own formulations.

There are so many resources on how to make your own makeup and beauty products. My best advice would be to look at the ingredients in your favourite mineral cosmetics and read-up about them. You will be amazed at everything you learn, and soon be ready to try your hand at making your own. As with all do it yourself cosmetics, please read all of the directions carefully (some ingredients can be harmful), these are not suitable crafts for children, and try a test swatch before applying new products to your face (especially eyeshadow). But most of all have fun!

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