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I have had some requests to post recipes that I use to make my mineral makeup. I don’t actually use any recipes. As a general rule I use 3 parts mica to one part TKB matte texture base. I just put 1/4 tsp of matte texture base in a little ziplock baggie, and add in 3/4 tsp of various colored micas and smoosh it all together until well blended.

In learning how to make mineral makeup I’ve collected some links that may help you in creating your own formulas:


Recipes & Information

Buy Ingredients

  • Coastal Scents – All sorts of ingredient, mica, oxides, fillers, jars.
  • Garden of Wisdom – Mostly ingredients for lotions and soaps.
  • TKB trading – Almost everything you would ever need to make your own makeup, great resource for information (don’t forget to check out Kaila’s blog). Micas, Fillers, Oxides, additives, jars, etc…. Be sure to look at the pop micas, these are about as close to primaries as you will get with micas, great for mixing custom colours.

You might have difficulty finding actual recipes for mineral makeup.
There are a few reasons for this. Many people who go through the trouble, and time of creating the perfect formulation and colours, are doing so because one day, they would like to sell their mineral makeup and are hesitant to share their “secret” recipe.

Another reason is because creating mineral makeup has a lot to do with personal preference, do you prefer a makeup with lots of colour pay-off, or a more natural look? Are you sensitive to bismuth? Do you have the equipment for matte, or do you want something simple? Most of the fun in making mineral makeup is customising the perfect makeup for you.

You just might have to invent your own recipes (but isn’t that part of the fun? 🙂 ). I would suggest looking through all of the links that I’ve posted, doing a “Google” search for “Mineral Makeup Recipes” and taking a peek at the ingredients in your favourite brands. Try your hand at inventing your own recipes. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Make Your Mineral Makeup Links”

  1. Hello! It’s nice to meet you. I’m really new at making my own make up, but I’m having lots of fun and work getting what I want. It’s nice to see you have a website on makeup. I’ll be reading you from now on………..

  2. Hi RoxyJ

    Thank you for your reply. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa, and am interested in making my own mineral make up. We do not have information available like you guys in the US or UK have for home DIY’s.

    I know PV soap have a couple of very basic recipes as well as TKTrading, sweetscents and DIYcosmetics.

    The problem that I have with these are:
    1) Recipes very vague
    2) List raw material like Talc and Bismuth ect as fillers
    3) With compressed lines, recipes are a spay of a certain liquid as binder. They do not say what is in the liquid.(Is it an oil or water or a special chemical compound??) I need to know exactly as I must source this locally.

    I am looking for more precisely formulated recipes in grams or ounces other than is published on a couple of internet sites like PV soap. A couple of recipes are very vague meaning they list a cup of this or a pinch of that .I am hoping that some-one might share their formulae with me which has been fine tuned. I know there must be a wealth of information “out there” from ladies who are currently making their own make up.

    I do understand that they have spend a lot of time and money into their formulations and will be very reluctant just to “give it away” especially if they use it in a business to manufacture commercially. Seeing that I live in South Africa, I wont be in direct competition with them and I am hoping to get some recipes.

    It is not financially feasible for me to buy starter kits and source raw materials from US suppliers. Another problem with these suppliers is that they sell the ingredients under their own brand name so in SA the same product will have a different name especially when it comes to the colored Micas and Iron oxides.

    All the ingredients are available in SA from the big chemical and mining companies. I just have to find out from them who do they supply to, that will sell in smaller quantities for home use. I can only source raws if I have exact ingredient list.

    Some of the home made recipes incl Talc and Bismuth Ox chloride as fillers and the more professional website reviews mention not to use these raws in your recipes.

    The commercial lines list a lot more ingredients than just your basic ingredients, which are found on the free recipes on the net.

    Hopefully you will be able to assist me or point me to some one who might be able to help.

    Kind Regards


  3. I am planning on starting to make my own eye shadow because I just became allergic to bismuth and mica. Do you know of an ingredient I can use instead of mica? I can get the colors from iron oxide. Thanks!

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