Lumiere Pre-Buy and Make your own eyeshadow

I finally decided on what to purchase for the Lumiere Pre-Buy. I bought only 1 brush, The larger flat top. I really wanted to jump in and buy the whole set, but I couldn’t justify spending that amount of money for brushes I didn’t absolutely need. Now that they put more pics up I’m thinking of adding the retractable kabuki to my order. Even though these are the softest brushed ever, I have to admit that I might prefer natural hair to synthetic. I find that I get better application with Natural hairs. My absolute favourite brush right now is probably my cheapest purchase, it’s my badger flat-top from coastal scents. Unfortunately I don’t think that they carry it anymore. My second favourite is my shadow blending brush from Coastal Scents, also my cheasest purchase at $1.99.

I finally broke down and ordered TKB’s pop-mica sampler kit and have been making eye-shadows like crazy. The new pop colours really allow you get great colors from mixing. If you are at all interested in making your own eye-shadows and blushes, TKB offers a great kit for the beginners, The Easy Eyeshadow Kit for $19. This kit is perfect for beginners, It includes enough product for at least 8 pots of eyeshadow, instructions and some of the tools you will need. If you like the idea of making your own makeup then I would suggest to just jump right it, it’s easier to do than you may think and very rewarding.

I have been making so much makeup lately that I ran out of jars pretty quickly, I did a bit of research and found that the best price for jars, for the hobbyist can be found on ebay. The cheapest prices I have found, so far, are with “Container and Sample Jars For You“. These jars are also great if you are into sampling before buying.

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