Summer is nearly here…

…and that means it probably time to invest in some new makeup.

Your skin changes as the seasons change, so with the new seasons, should come new makeup.

This is just a friendly reminder to reevaluate your stash, and take a good-hard look at your foundation color to make sure it still matches your skin tone. 🙂 A good tip is to rub a swatch along your jawline and take a look at it in different lighting.

With spring here, and summer just around the corner, I feel the need to hunt-down some new “spring-ier-cheerful-er” colours Here is my shortlist of wistful stash-enhancers:

  • Sizzle Bronzer from Meow minerals- with summer not quite here yet, you might just have to “Fake it until your make it”
  • Surfer Cat Bronzer from Meow Minerals, a little more “out-on the town” with a bit more sparkle.
  • Veena Velvet foundation and Cashmere foundation by Lumiere. If your updating your “summer colours” why not give these new foundation by Lumiere a try, they sound perfect for the summer.
  • Eyeshadows: Exotic Isle, Fawn, Medium Peach Matte, Sunset Beige, and Island Iced Tea
  • Brushes: In my opinion Coastal Scents has the best value in brushes, my favourite brush for foundation application is the Italian Badger Brush. They just came out with a wider selection of Italian Badger brushes, and I can’t wait to get by grubby little hands on them especially the Italian Badger Round Crease Brush (only $2.49!) I can’t get over how inexpensive their brushes are! I’ve also been eyeing the Mini Italian Badger Brush Set so that I have a little set to travel with. I know many of you swear by the synthetic brushes, and they are soft, I’ll give you that. But for application I’ve had the best luck with natural bristles, by far.

I can’t wait to try some new, more cheerful summer-time colours and get out of my winter blahs. 🙂

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