Money, Money

I’ve been thinking about how much money I have been spending on MMU. I did an informal tally of how much I have spent on MU in the past 2 months, and even with being generous (I mean, you can’t really count brushes, right?) lets just say it was pretty heart-stopping. Especially for someone who’s entire yearly budget was around $20 (not I’m not kidding if anything I am erring on the high side). This recent addiction is costing me a few pennies, and my list of “must-tries” is getting longer and longer by the day! I really must go on a “no buy”, but every time I do another sale comes up, and then there’s the fact that I still haven’t found my HG foundation yet, and I’d love too try some MM lippies and…. well you get the picture.

Oh! I almost forgot. I got my travel sized Lumiere foundation in Flawless Face in med/light beige, and a sample of med/light cool. I’m having a hard time telling which one matches best, my face seem to have both pink and yellow undertones, and red overtones, plus my neck is a little bit more yellow. So far I’m leaning towards beige as a closer match. But I’m not sure if it’s just becase I have a full travel jar of it. So far I’m finding the feel of it a little masky, but I’m reserving judgement until I give it a fair shake.

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