Oh My Goodness!!

Did anyone elso go into a complete panic last night when Lumiere’s website went down? Just as I was hitting the “Pay” button the site crashed, my DBF was looking over my shoulder saying “Maybe it’s a sign that you shouldn’t spend any more money on makeup.” What I said:”Maybe it’s a sign that I need to reavaluate my purchases to make sure I didn’t miss anything.” 😉
I didn’t buy much, I already have way more foundation that I’ll ever need in my entire life. I did end up buying the 9pc brush set I hope it’s good, I was caught between buying that and just a blush brush, as I really don’t need any of the other brushes. But it does come with a cute case (that’s reason enough for me!).

I got my Meow order today, Munchkin in frisky Sphynx FF and a few samples. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet. I’ll probably try it tommorrow.

I also finally tried my MAD eyeshadow samples, and I must say that their eyeshadows have the best colour payoff that I’ve seen so far! Definately a winner in my books, if I didn’t have so many darn TKB micas I’d be placing another order. I wonder how they get the colours to be so intense, mine end up look a bit dull (mmm, i mean neutral).

I’m still using the Oil Cleansing Method. This is definately my HG nightime cleanser! It seems to stop my zits from appearing I’ll see one starting to form and before it even appears it’s gone. I’ve also been using pure unrefined Shea butter as my nightime moisturizer it works great, although it’s a bit greasy, it smells incredible.