Pittsburgh Street Soapworks

I recieved my Pittsburgh Street Soapworks order today, and the smells are to die for! I haven’t had the opportunity to try them all yet but the ones I have tried have great staying power! I applied a few scents before my morning shower (in case I didn’t like them) and even after my shower I could still smell them. So far I have tried:

  • Eqyptian musk- can’t say that I like this scent too much, I’m not a huge musk fan but I though that I would try it. It’s a softer scent than I expected.
  • Citrus Spice – This is a nice cheery scent if you like citrus smell than this is a must-have
  • Vanille Abricot – I LOVE this scent, the vanilla scent stays so pure (I find that a lot of vanilla scents smell artificial on me, and therefore make me head-achy) but this scent smells like vanilla even after it had melded with my skin. This is my fave so far (but I do still have 9 scents left to try).

Pittsburgh Street Soapworks offer sample packs of 6 small mister viles of fragrance for a reasonable price, so you can sample before you buy. They also offer all kinds of bath and body products. As soon as I narrow down my favourite scents I’m putting in an order of their Complete Bath Set (great deal) and a few more solid perfumes.

I Couldn’t Resist

I’ve gone and ordered 2 new brushes that I absolutely, positively, definately not not need I am now the proud owner (at least when the mail arrives I will be) of 2 new brushes from coastal scents, a badger flat top and a new crease brush for a grand total of under $10. Who could resist that kind of a price?

I have now completely given up on OCM. I’m convinced that it was the oil breaking me out. I have now switched over the using St. Ives Renew Cleanser with Alpha Hydrox and my skin is almost totally cleared up (YAY). Too bad OCM wasn’t for me though I really liked the idea.

I’m still eyeing the Azulene Veggie Cream from GOW (Sample Program is up and running now. Ohhh Nooo $$$) and thanks to Ruby2 I have now discovered Pittsburgh Street Soapworks and have an imaginary ghost cart with 12 samples of their misting perfume (they have a dupe of Philosophy’s “Falling In Love” (another Ohhhh Nooo $$$$$). I am definately going on a no-buy. after this