FOTD and CS brushes

I got my brushes in the mail today from Coastal Scents, I have to say that I’m very surprised of the quality of the brushes for the price. They both have a nice weighty feel and are quite soft and full. I purchased the badger flat top and the crease brush. It was a great buy for the price!

Here is my first face of the day, all you girls are so pretty I have to admit that I feel a bit intimidated. But here they are anyways:



  • Monistat anti-chafing as primer
  • EDM medium in original glo
  • E DM medium concealer
  • EDM blush Nick Nack


  • Wet and Wild Mega Slicks in Rose Gold
  • Bonne Belle lip liner in toast



  • Joelle’s (me) Nude Peach (wash)
  • Joelle’s Sunset (crease)
  • Joelle’s Smooth Grape (wide liner)
  • Lure Beauty’s Hazelnut (thin line)
  • Lure B eauty’s Hazelnut as a brow filler.