New Updates for Everyday Minerals

Everyday Minerals has now updated their site, with a few changes for the better, and a contest for a trip to Lake Austin Spa Resort (see the Everyday Mineral website for details).

They now offer 2 new kits:

A full sized personal custom kit for $32 – choose 6 full sized items (makeup brushes, foundations, blushes & face colours, eye colours, concealers, finishing powders, lip colours) in any combination you want!

Mini Custom kit for $18 – choose 6 small sized products, this kit does not include brushes.

Everyday Minerals also added swatches of the actual products, replacing their inaccurate colour representations with more accurate photos of the powders themselves, and they are much more organized now especially the foundation section. They have also added a section for current specials.

Everyday Minerals is still top of my list for value for money, especially with these new kits! Happy Shopping!

New changes for Everyday Mineral

I heard rumours that EDM will be updating their website, here is a direct quote from their blog:

“The new changes will include the new Personal Kits, mini and full size. It will also include the Foundation Reorganization, and some extra goodies on the site itself.As soon as this is up, we get to work adding the new forum, the picture pages will be going up as well as about 100 other things on my wish list.”

I also heard that they will be getting some new synthetic brushes (although I can’t remember where I heard this). So keep checking out their website.

I Love Mail!

p1010038.JPGYay, I finally got my EDM order in the mail today.
It seem like I have been waiting for EVAH! I took 2 weeks and 1 day, from the shipping date, to arrive. Usually, for me, it takes about a week. The only thing missing was the blush, I guess it was backordered. Oh well, now I have something else to look forward to in the mail.
I haven’t tried the tinted silk dust yet, or the concealer. I’m crossing my fingers that they aren’t too dark. They do look pretty close in darkness to the foundation though, so here’s hoping.

I have to say that my collection of leave-in hair products rivals my collection of MMU. I am constantly on the look out for the perfect gels, lotions and leave-ins. Specifically I’m looking for a defrizzing cream that has some hold to it. I thought that I’d try out a bottle of Sunsilk defrizz lotion. I can’t say that I’m too crazy about it. It’s sticky and makes my hair look a bit greasy, not a great look. Any recs?

I’m still sticking with OCM, but now my skin is breaking out a bit (almost a rash on my cheeks), not sure if it’s the OCM, Meow FF, or just hormones? I’m hoping it’s hormones because I really like Meow FF and OCM.

Now the only thing I’m waiting for in the mail now is my back-ordered blush from EDM and my Lumiere brush set. I’m trying for a bit of a no-buy but now that my skin is going a bit crazy GOW is looking pretty good (hmmmm, here’s my imaginary cart; GoW Vegetarian Azulene Base Cream, GoW Takrai Lemongrass Cleanser, GoW Cobalt Foaming Cleanser, Carrot Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Hydrosol).