MAC Warehouse Haul, Sept 2010

Hey All,

I went to the Estee Lauder/MAC warehouse in Markham on Saturday. And I made out like a bandit! The lines were really, really long, but I preservered and now have a big pile o’ MAC.

Here’s pics:

MAC Warehouse Haul

MAC Warehouse Haul

Charity Bags:
Mineralize Lotion
Roman Holiday DG
Fierce & Fabulous LG
Triple Fusion MES


Satin Lipstick in Alibi
MES Fresh & Easy
Lipstain Marker in Modern Mocha
Chromaline Liner in Hi-Def Cyan (crazy blue, not sure what I was expecting but this is blue)


Coral Crepe Paint Pot (YAY!)

Going Bananas
Roman Holday DG
Local Colour DG (beautiful!)

Gift: Family Silver MES

Dazzleglass Creme in Creme Allure (gorgeous colour!)
Made with Love Lipstick