Joe Fresh, Maybelline Stylish Smokes, and Bath and Body Works Haul

This weekend I broke my “no-buy” and  did a little hauling.


First off, Bath and Body Works has their Halloween PocketBac scents out, and they are great! I got Zombie Squad and Vampire Blood. Zombie Squad smells like mrshmallow and Vampire Blood smells like plum. Love these scents!

After hearing so much about Maybelline Stylish smokes, I decided to give the Natural smokes a try.  It has 4 different eyeshadow colors, a taupe lid color a darker shimmery brown colour for the crease, a very dark cool matte brown for the outer v, and a matte white for the brow-bone.

The brow-bone color is pretty chaulky and not terribly pigmented, but seems to be subtle enough for the brow bone, I don’t really like my brow bone to look too light, so the lack of pigmentation doesn’t really disappoint me too much.

The lid color isn’t as pigmented as I would like, it is very similar to Wet n’ Wild’s Nutty.

The stand-outs for me are the crease color and the outer v color, they are very pigmented, blend well, and last a reasonable amount of time.

All in all this quad is a good value, the colors are pretty and neutral, and the color pay-off is pretty good compared to other eyeshadows in this price range. Be sure to check out the Wet n’ Wild palettes for outstanding value.

Swatches for the Maybelline Stylish Smokes in Natural Smokes, L to R Lid, crease, outer v (you can’t see the brow-bone color, as it’t not very pigmented):


I also  finally tried Joe Fresh Eyeshadows. I bought Pagoda, Camp, and Bronze. Camp and Bronze were pigmented, Pagoda was a bust, you could hardly see the color at all. All of the shadows were had  fallout, and were a little tricky to work with. These colors were gorgeous in the pan, just too bad they didn’t work as great on my eyes. 🙁

Swatches for Joe Fresh. L to R: Bronze, Pagoda, Camp


Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Your Skin Foundation, in Canada!

Hi Ladies,

Run, don’t walk to your local Dollarama, because the best deal evah has hit Dollarama shelves.  Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Your Skin Foundation,  cream blushes, powder blushes, finishing powder and powder foundation can be found in the Dollarama cosmetic isle.

Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy in Canada!

I have been jealously eyeing the reviews on Makeup Alley ever since this line had started making waves in the Beauty blogosphere. Last time I visited Florida I took a peek at Ulta, but decided that this foundation was a little out of my price range for a drugstore line. Imagine my surprise, that while picking up a few items in the Dollarama I spotted  Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Your Skin Foundation, and here’s the best part, they were $2 each!

I hauled 2 blushes (Sunrise, a pretty peachy colour; and Fawn a cool plummy-brown colour), I also bought 2 liquid foundations Creamy Beige and True Beige. The colours that I could remember were, Creamy Beige, True Beige, Sandy Beige,  Tawny Beige, warm Beige, Golden Beige, Mocha, and Mahogany (so no light skintones). They also had the Luminous Matte Pressed Powder in Deep, Translucent Loose powder in Deep, Natural Powder Blush in Dusk and Fawn, Sheerest Cream Blush in Sunrise and Sunset and 1 colour of the Ultra Smoothing Lip tint, but you might get lucky at your Dollarama and find more colours (I’m checking another Dollarama close to where I work tomorrow).

So? How do I like it? It’s pretty darn nice. The 2 colour of foundation that I chose (Truly beige and Creamy Beige) were not quite the right colours. I am about an NW20 right now and they were both a little too dark. The Truly Beige looked a bit too orangy on me. I’m probably Nude Beige, but alas there was no Nude Beige on the shelves, I’m def looking for that colour tomorow at another Dollarama. I looooveee that finish it looks very natural. While trying it out I pumped too much foundation out of the jar and decided to see how it looked if I used it all, still natural. The blushes were decnt quality, but I already have a bazillion blushes, so I could have probably done without them (but they were 2 dollars).

All in all these were a fantastic buy. Yay!