Lumiere’s pre-buy brush sale is back!

Oh boy, and what an incredible deal it is.

I am really excited to let everyone know that Lumiere is having another pre-buy cosmetic brush sale. You have the opportunity to buy these brushes before they are manufactured, and you get an incredible discount. This also means that you will be waiting much longer to receive your brush than if you were ordering from their current stock. But check out the prices you might be willing to wait for these amazing deals.

One standout of this sale is that you can purchase the Ultimate Professional Brush Collection for $149, that’s every brush offered in this pre-buy for a savings of $245. Please read the rules before ordering, as there are a few things different with ordering through the pre-buy as opposed to ordering from Lumiere’s current stock.

If you aren’t familiar with Lumiere’s cosmetic brushes, then you are missing out on what is arguably the best synthetic brushes you can buy (for the best price). Their kabuki brush is a favourite among mineral makeup addicts. I currently have the kabuki brush, it’s incredibly soft and keeps it’s shape after washing (no splaying of the hairs) and no shedding, I also have their 9pc set, also soft and great quality.

But I think that if you are looking to build up your makeup brush collection then this is the way to go, you can’t go wrong with these makeup brushes.

This pre-buy sale is on until October 31, 2007 and on a first-come first-serve basis.

note: please check with the companies themselves for details on all sales, deals and offers. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this post concerning these offers, so please double check before ordering.

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