Lumiere Travel Brush Set

I got my Lumiere travel brish set today. It seems smaller to me than what I imagined, but perfect for my Walt Disney World Trips (I am also a huge WDW addict, check out the DIS boards if you like visiting the “mouse” too). I imagine that I will get the most use out of the powder brush, blush brush and crease brush.

Speaking of brushes, has anyone tried TKB’s new brushes? I would like to try the Goat Hair buffer. The price is really good at $2.75 (this is just the intro price, I think they will go up). Also their Kabuki is $3.50 (also intro price), this might be a good option for someone starting out, or as a gift (if you are trying to get someone else addicted LOL). I am really interested in the quality of these brushes.

4 thoughts on “Lumiere Travel Brush Set”

  1. Hi there ^^ came across your blog when I googled Lumiere Brush. I’d like to ask you a question, how small exactly are the brushes?

    Can you give the measurement for the powder brush (handle and brush length) to give me a better idea?

    Am going to order a set of those myself but dont wanna get too disappointed when I see them =P

    Thanks loads!! n___n

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